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document Error: Missing Dependency:
Rebuilding os template cache results in Error: Missing Dependecy While attempting to rebuild the os template cache on a Virtuozzo PVA 4.6 hwnode, I came across the following error: Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package sw-engine-2.2-201107121848.cen...
13 Sep, 2013
document turning off auto indent and comments in vi
 It's not always convenient to have auto comments or auto indent when pasting text enabled within a vi session. To turn them off, at least within the current vi session: :set comments= :set paste
07 Oct, 2013
document How to use curl to download files that use a cookie for authentication
How to download files from sites requiring authentication Have you ever logged into a website that requires you login before you can download a file?  Subsequently, a simple 'copy-link' option does not allow you to wget the file and a HTTP 403 Authorization Failed message is thrown.  In...
05 Mar, 2014