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document Copying or moving the virtual machine and virtual disks
Copying or moving the virtual machine and virtual disks The information below has been replicated from kb/1000936 Follow these high-level steps to move a virtual machine to an alternate location: Select the virtual machine. Commit all snapshots on the...
21 Mar, 2013
document Exporting OVF Template via vSphere Client Times Out
Failed to export Virtual Machine:  The operation timed out The version of the ovftool this document covers is: C:\Users\Kreese>ovftoo l -v VMware ovftool 3.0.1 (build-801290) This issue is well documented in the VMware Communities, to which I credit the solution I used to correct this...
05 Jul, 2013
document How to reformat local datastore ESXi 5.5
How to reformat a local datastore VMware ESXi 5.5 Enable ESXi shell [] Storage vMotion off any VMs you wish to keep from the local datastore(s) ssh into the host containing the local storage that needs reformating list the devices using the following...
27 Mar, 2015