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document Add disk without rebooting
How To Add Disk to Linux System without Rebooting It is possible to add a new hard disk without a reboot.  Whether or not it is a physical server where a physical disk was inserted into an available slot, or a new virtual disk was added to a VMware VM, the command structure to discover the...
25 Sep, 2014
document System hangs during messagebus startup
System hangs during messagebus startup This problem has been experienced after rebooting a system in which ldap has been configured.  Note that LDAP functions properly immeidately after it is setup on the machine, but hangs at "staring system message bus" after a reboot.  To fix,...
16 Apr, 2011
document Add / Delete a null route
route add <ip address> gw route delete <ip address> gw
05 May, 2011
document Redirecting standard output and standard error
Redirecting standard output and standard error 2>/dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1 2>&1 The first specifies that all error messages should be sent to /dev/null The second says to redirect standard output to /dev/null and redirect standard error to standard output,...
06 Nov, 2015
document Create a chroot jail with openssh
How to create a chroot jail with openssh (sftp only) This write up describes how to utilize openssh to setup a chroot jail for sftp connections within the CentOS family.  I tried & tried to install and configure rssh to no avail.  I was continually met with "Connection closed"...
25 Oct, 2011
document Defining static and default gateway in route-eth file
Define default gateway in route-eth file [root@linux01 ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts /route-eth1 default via dev eth1 Default gateway can also be defined in /etc/sysconfig/network: [root @linux01 ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/network NETWOR KING=yes HOSTNAME=linux01 GA...
24 Sep, 2013
document Create a temp file with random characters
tmpfile=`/bin/mktemp /var/log/rpmpkgs.XXXXXXXXX` || exit 1
05 Apr, 2012
document How to check if Large File Size (LFS) is enabled
To check if a file system supports the LFS standard, you can use the getconf command.  If the result is 64, LFS is supported. getconf FILESIZEBITS / In the example above, the root file system was checked.  If /var for example, is a separate file system, specify /var in its...
15 May, 2012
document Advanced techniques for using the UNIX find command
I found this article on IBMs Developer Works site and had to put it here!  Some of this is basic, but it's a good read nonetheless. There's nothing quite like the thrill of exploring, discovering new people, places, and things. The territory might change, but a few principles remain...
25 Jan, 2013
document Use nmap to scan network
Scan network for responsive IPs nmap -sS -O | tee nmap.log Check if port is open nmap -P0 -p1521
20 Jul, 2012
document Various tar/gzip one liners
Here, we are sending the tar file to ``-'', which stands for tar's standard output. This is piped to gzip, which compresses the incoming tar file, and the result is saved in backup.tar.gz. The -c option to gzip tells gzip to send its output to stdout, which is redirected to backup.tar.gz. # tar...
21 Feb, 2013
document passwd: Authentication token manipulation error
Check if /etc/shadow exists.  If it doesn't, run the command 'pwconv' then try changing the user password again.
27 Jul, 2012
document Howto Setup yum repositories to install from ISO
Mount the iso to /mnt In the case of redhat, copy the media.repo file from the root dir of the mount point to /etc/yum.repos.d.  Edit the file and add the baseurl at the end as depicted below. [root@mkoffer2 ~]# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/media.repo [InstallMedia] name=Red Hat Enterprise...
16 Nov, 2012
document git error SSL certificate problem verify that the CA cert is OK
Bypassed by setting env variable GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY to true [root@myvps httpsdocs]# env GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true git clone hisperer/torrentflux-ng.git
07 Aug, 2012
document automount in linux
Example [root@mobileweb2:~]$ cat /etc/auto.home *     60;  netapp1b:/vol/vol1/home/& [root@mobileweb2:~]$ cat /etc/auto.master /home   /etc/auto.home /misc  60; /etc/auto.misc /net  0;  -hosts +auto.master [r...
17 Aug, 2012
document udev assigns incorrect number to eth device
eth interface number changes and is not what is expected During a recent exercise where I created a RedHat 6.3 virtual machine, clones of that virtual machine each had different numbers assigned to their respective eth device(s).  I've run into this booger before in the past and...
19 Sep, 2012
document crontab format
Here's a quick comment that can be added to users crontabs as a reminder to the crontab format: # m h dom mon dow command There are various ways to schedule a command to run, such as every 5 minutes, that would be considered acceptable format by some linux distributions, and not accepted by...
10 Oct, 2014
document Netmasks Table
Netmask Table Decimal   0;     0;  Binary                                     CIDR...
15 Oct, 2012
document Clear Memory Cache on Linux Server
Our Virtuozzo VPS hwnodes would hang onto large amounts of cached memory after a period of uptime and as it grew, load average of the hwnode would correspondingly increase during activities such as container restarts, create, stop, or start.  After troubleshooting and applying virtuozzo...
31 Oct, 2012
document How to find dead links and delete them
Sometimes, after performing VPS migrations, the soft links in /etc/vz/conf may not be removed.  Over time, the dead links may build up and cause many 'No such file or directory' messages when trying to look for common settings amonst all conf files (ie cat /etc/vz/conf/*.conf  |...
08 Nov, 2012