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document SUN V20z Escape Sequence
ctrl + shift + E and let go c ?
12 Aug, 2017
document Power Cycle SUN T5140
Using the ILOM CLI, type the stop /SYS command to perform a graceful shutdown of the system. -> stop /SYS Are you sure you want to stop /SYS (y/n)? y Stopping /SYS   -> Type the start /SYS command.-> start /SYS Are you sure you want to start /SYS (y/n)? y Starting...
16 May, 2011
document Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit
Attached is a PDF document from 2003 discussing SUNWjet.  The wiki is now available online (see external links below)
28 May, 2011
document SUN V20z serial console setup
platform set console -s sp
28 May, 2011
document update ILOM firmware on T6300
How to update T6300 firmware ensure there's an FTP server on the same network as the CMM or IP your laptop on the same network as the CMM and install Filezilla FTP server. download firmware from Oracle to FTP server or laptop connect to FTP server, or connect laptop to Net...
25 Apr, 2012
document Display free swap
Perl script from BigAdmin to display how much free swap is available: Download here #!/usr/bin/perl -w # # Usage : just run it! calc the total swap space in human readable form # Author : Paul Errington (ICT Technical) # my @result = `/usr/sbin/swap -l`; shift @result; my...
25 Jan, 2013
document cron FIFO exists
Error while attempting to start cron ! cannot start cron; FIFO exists ! ******* CRON ABORTED ******** Solution: ~# rm /etc/cron.d/FIFO Now restart cron
30 Jan, 2013
document vi editor in Solaris says Terminal too wide
Terminal too wide In Solaris, if vi is used to edit a file and the message "Terminal too wide" appears, the columns options for the terminal can be adjusted with the stty command: #~ stty columns 120
21 Mar, 2013
document Replacing SCSI Disks Under SVM (Solaris 9 and Above)
SUN Document ID: ID73132 Since sunsolves shutdown, I've peered this information to my kb as it's a nice how-to to have on hand: Beginning with Solaris 9, SVM uses a new feature called Device-ID (or DevID), which identifies each disk not only by its c#t#d# name, but by a unique ID...
06 May, 2013