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document Setting the Netmask
Setting Netmask in Solaris Typically, the netmask is set by making the appropriate entry in the /etc/netmasks files.  However, Solaris will reject the entry if the netmask is not correct for that particular IP class, and therefore the netmask has to be set manually during the boot...
16 May, 2011
document Add Persistent Static Route in Solaris 10
Add Persistent Static Route in Solaris 10 route -p add -netmask The static routes will be stored in file /etc/inet/static_routes
16 Apr, 2011
document Utilize ufsdump / ufsrestore to Copy Disks of Different Size
cd /usr/platform/`uname -i`/lib/fs/ufs ok boot cdrom -s fsck -y /dev/rdsk/c0t10d0s0 Same disk and layout -> prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s2 | fmthard -s - /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s2 otherwis e, do: partition> modify Select partitioning base:     ...
16 Apr, 2011
document Mounting NFS partitions on Solaris 10
If you attempt to mount an NFS partition from a Linux server to a Solaris client and are presented with the following: # mount /mount_point nfs mount: mount: /mount_point: Not owner and /var/adm/messages logs May 13 17:52:32 adc3 nfs: [ID...
14 May, 2011
document Resizing a LUN in Solaris
Since the LUN still has the old VTOC on it, it's very possible that the 'format' or 'prtvtoc' utilities will be able to "see" the disk, but not recognize it's now-larger capacity.  In order to get Solaris[TM] to see the larger capacity, you will have to relabel the disk.  Run...
28 May, 2011
document Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit
Attached is a PDF document from 2003 discussing SUNWjet.  The wiki is now available online (see external links below)
28 May, 2011
document Rebuild /etc/path_to_inst
Rebuilding path_to_inst, /dev, /devices ==================== =========================== March 06, 2006 We used a golden image to load a new V880 and the system would not boot into multiuser mode.  The root volume was also mounting as read-only.  The only way to have read-write...
28 May, 2011
document Redirecting standard output and standard error
Redirecting standard output and standard error 2>/dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1 2>&1 The first specifies that all error messages should be sent to /dev/null The second says to redirect standard output to /dev/null and redirect standard error to standard output,...
06 Nov, 2015
document Remove disk from SVM
Removing a disk from SVM (Sun Volume Manager) Set new root device # metaroot /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 Edit /etc/vfstab file - remove md devices and replace with /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk devices appropriately Detach submirror # metadetach d10 d11 # metadetach d10 d12 Change boot device #...
11 Nov, 2011
document Cannot open mirrored root device, Error 6
One day, my main disk failed and I was presented with this error when I tried to boot off the mirror: Cannot open mirrored root device, Error 6 To solve it, I removed the mirror disk, and took another disk from a like system that wasn't in use, booted from it, reinserted the...
12 Dec, 2012
document Display free swap
Perl script from BigAdmin to display how much free swap is available: Download here #!/usr/bin/perl -w # # Usage : just run it! calc the total swap space in human readable form # Author : Paul Errington (ICT Technical) # my @result = `/usr/sbin/swap -l`; shift @result; my...
25 Jan, 2013
document Use nmap to scan network
Scan network for responsive IPs nmap -sS -O | tee nmap.log Check if port is open nmap -P0 -p1521
20 Jul, 2012
document Various tar/gzip one liners
Here, we are sending the tar file to ``-'', which stands for tar's standard output. This is piped to gzip, which compresses the incoming tar file, and the result is saved in backup.tar.gz. The -c option to gzip tells gzip to send its output to stdout, which is redirected to backup.tar.gz. # tar...
21 Feb, 2013
document crontab format
Here's a quick comment that can be added to users crontabs as a reminder to the crontab format: # m h dom mon dow command There are various ways to schedule a command to run, such as every 5 minutes, that would be considered acceptable format by some linux distributions, and not accepted by...
10 Oct, 2014
document Netmasks Table
Netmask Table Decimal   0;     0;  Binary                                     CIDR...
15 Oct, 2012
document Rotate wtmpx log
Once wtmpx hits 2 GB in size, certain unfavorable conditions may occur.  To alleiviate this from happening, I setup a logadm to rotate the log once every two weeks: ~# logadm /var/adm/wtmpx -C 2 -c -p 2w -C number of copies to keep -p time between each log cycle (2...
21 Jan, 2013
document Advanced techniques for using the UNIX find command
I found this article on IBMs Developer Works site and had to put it here!  Some of this is basic, but it's a good read nonetheless. There's nothing quite like the thrill of exploring, discovering new people, places, and things. The territory might change, but a few principles remain...
25 Jan, 2013
document cron FIFO exists
Error while attempting to start cron ! cannot start cron; FIFO exists ! ******* CRON ABORTED ******** Solution: ~# rm /etc/cron.d/FIFO Now restart cron
30 Jan, 2013
document Sort IP Addresses in bash
Sort list of IP addresses via command line Do you have a text file filled with a bunch of IP addresses, and it won't sort properly with the -n option alone?  Providing additional options can help achive the desired output. $ cat nfs_clients | sort -n -t . -k 1,1 -k 2,2 -k 3,3 -k...
20 Feb, 2013
document Replacing SCSI Disks Under SVM (Solaris 9 and Above)
SUN Document ID: ID73132 Since sunsolves shutdown, I've peered this information to my kb as it's a nice how-to to have on hand: Beginning with Solaris 9, SVM uses a new feature called Device-ID (or DevID), which identifies each disk not only by its c#t#d# name, but by a unique ID...
06 May, 2013