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document NetApp Commands
Collage of NetApp Commands Note: Some commands below may require the use of access advanced commands, which can be obtained via command: filer> priv set advanced Issue priv set to exit advanced commands Display aggr usage Display the space usage in an aggregate, including space...
24 Jan, 2013
document Generate SSL cert for web interface
SSL error from within Firefox. generate a new SSL certificate on the netapp secureadmin setup -f ssl
24 Jun, 2011
document Alias a netapp interface
Set primary IP of interface: ifconfig vif1 `hostname`-vif1 netmask partner vif1 mtusize 9000 trusted -wins up Set alias on same interface: ifconfig vif1 alias netmask
08 Nov, 2011
document mount: RPC: Authentication error; why = Client credential too weak
mount: RPC: Authentication error; why = Client credential too weak Solution: You will have to set the option nfs.mount_rootonly to off. Possible Issue #1: Mount requests are coming from ports higher than 1024 and are getting discarded as client (ie non-root level)...
12 Dec, 2012
document Eliminate messages from system console
How to suppress NetApp console logging While working from the NetApp command line, it can become very frustrating when notices are constantly logging to the console while trying to work.  In order to disable these messages from logging to console, edit, or create (if nonexistent)...
09 Jul, 2013
document What are Drive Bypass Events (taken from NOW)
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10 May, 2012
document Understanding Fractional Reserve
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26 Jul, 2012
document Releasing a stale or orphaned snapmirror
Releasing a Stale or Orphaned Snapmirror Recently, I snapmirrored a volume where the source and destination filer were the same and after breaking the snapmirror relationship, I was presented with this message while attempting to release the snapmirror: qesxnetapp1a> snapmirror...
09 Jul, 2013
document How To Setup / Configure NetApps for snapmirror
NetApp Snapmirror Configuration / Setup How To If you like this article, please +1 or Recommend via FB with the provided buttons above: Enable snapmirror on the source and destination filer: filer> options snapmirror.enable on Setup snapmirror access to the source filer: There are...
05 Apr, 2013
document snapmirror : could not read from socket
SnapMirror: could not read from socket [destination: replication.dst.err:error]: SnapMirror: destination transfer from source:/vol/srcvol to /vol/dstvol : could not read from socket. /etc/log/snapmirror on the destination filer logs this: dst Thu Jan 24 11:55:01 EST...
24 Jan, 2013
document Create a multistore vfiler and enabling NFSv4
Backgroud This following scenario demonstrates the advantage of creating a vfiler for use in a test environment without having to impact production or other test environments running under the configuration of the default vfiler, vfiler0.  For example, in one of my environments, there were...
20 Nov, 2013
document How to delete a qtree on a NetApp filer
How To Delete a qtree on a NetApp Filer This process is rather simple: netapp> priv set advanced netapp> qtree delete -f <path> * you only need to specify -f option if the qtree is not empty. How To Delete a qtree on a NetApp vfiler You may delete a qtree...
20 Nov, 2013