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Obtain Plesk User Account Information

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Article ID: 110
by: Reese K.
Posted: 26 Jun, 2013
Last updated: 26 Jun, 2013
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Obtain Plesk User Account Information

Display Plesk FTP account passwords

SELECT REPLACE(sys_users.home,'/home/httpd/vhosts/','') AS domain,
sys_users.login,accounts.password FROM sys_users
LEFT JOIN accounts on
ORDER BY sys_users.home ASC;

Display all e-mail accounts and passwords:

~# /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/mail_auth_view


SELECT CONCAT_WS('@',mail.mail_name,,accounts.password
FROM domains,mail,accounts
ORDER BY ASC,mail.mail_name ASC;

Display all databases and login credentials

SELECT AS domain_name, AS database_name, db_users.login, accounts.password
FROM data_bases, db_users, domains, accounts
WHERE data_bases.dom_id =
AND db_users.db_id =
AND db_users.account_id =
ORDER BY domain_name;

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The file php is part of Plesk distribution. It cannot be run...     www as a subdomain