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How to delete a qtree on a NetApp filer

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by: Reese K.
Posted: 20 Nov, 2013
Last updated: 20 Nov, 2013
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How To Delete a qtree on a NetApp Filer

This process is rather simple:

netapp> priv set advanced

netapp> qtree delete -f <path>

* you only need to specify -f option if the qtree is not empty.

How To Delete a qtree on a NetApp vfiler

You may delete a qtree belonging to a vfiler from the default vfiler as follows:

netapp> priv set advanced

netapp> vfiler run <vfiler_name> qtree delete -f <path>

* again on the -f option, it's only needed if the qtree is not empty

You may also enter the vfiler directly and run the qtree delete command after setting 'priv set advanced' from the default vfiler, vfiler0. In this example below, we'll assume vfiler1 as the vfiler containing the qtree we wish to delete:

netapp> priv set advanced

netapp> vfiler context vfiler1

vfiler1@netapp> qtree delete -f <path>

* remember in a qtree, path is the full path (ie /vol/volname/qtree)

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