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by: Reese K.
Posted: 25 Apr, 2012
Last updated: 24 Jan, 2013
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Collage of NetApp Commands

Note: Some commands below may require the use of access advanced commands, which can be obtained via command:

filer> priv set advanced

Issue priv set to exit advanced commands

Display aggr usage

Display the space usage in an aggregate, including space usage for each flexible volume within an aggregate (if specified), otherwise all aggregates.

filer> aggr show_space -g <aggr>
filer> df -Ag

Display lun statistics

filer> lun stats -o -i 1 /vol/vps5lun/vz.lun

Display busy disks

filer> stats show disk:*:disk_busy

Display latency for a volume

filer> stats show -n 120 -i 1 volume:vps5lun:*

Display shelf temperatures

It's best to run this command from a server via ssh

-bash# ssh filer "environment status shelf" | grep "Shelf Temperature"

Display overall status of chassis

filer> environment status chassis all

Display disks in a volume

filer> vol status -r <volume_name>

Display what disk is what

filer> storage show disk -p

Display lun size

filer> lun show -v /vol/vps_qam/vps4.vz.lun

Display device mapping / disk layout of shelf / disk position

filer> fcstat device_map
filer> fcstat device_map <channel>

Disk shows "bad label"

unfail the disk
filer> priv set advanced
filer> disk unfail <disk name>

List broken disks

filer> vol status -f

Assign disks to aggr and Zero out remaining spares

filer> disk assign -o <filer> <disk_name>
filer> vol status -s
filer> disk zero spares

Illuminate a Disks LED

led_on 2a.10.10
led_off 2a.10.10

Blnk a Disks LED

blink_on 2a.10.10
blink_off 2a.10.10

Show connected iscsi initiators

iscsi show initiator


See NetApp KB Article

Run series of commands at once

There are many ways to do this.  This is one way:

$ ssh root@filer < commands.txt
$ cat commands.txt
vol create myvol myaggr 10g
vol options myvol nosnapdir on

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