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update ILOM firmware on T6300

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by: Reese K.
Posted: 25 Apr, 2012
Last updated: 25 Apr, 2012
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How to update T6300 firmware

  • ensure there's an FTP server on the same network as the CMM or IP your laptop on the same network as the CMM and install Filezilla FTP server.
  • download firmware from Oracle to FTP server or laptop
  • connect to FTP server, or connect laptop to Net MGT port on back of chassis
  • if using Filezilla, test FTP connectivity by 'ftp localhost' and log in with credentials you setup.  Also be sure to point the home directory to the location of the uploaded firmware

Begin the process by shutting down the blade:

  • shutdown -i0 --init 0
  • poweroff
  • showkeyswitch (make sure it's in NORMAL)
    • setkeyswitch -y normal
  • flashupdate -s <FTP Server IP> -f /Sun_System_Firmware-6_7_2-Sun_Blade_T6300_Modular_Server.bin
  • resetsc
  • showhost
  • showsc version -v
  • poweron -c
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