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Releasing a stale or orphaned snapmirror

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by: Reese K.
Posted: 16 Oct, 2012
Last updated: 09 Jul, 2013
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Releasing a Stale or Orphaned Snapmirror

Recently, I snapmirrored a volume where the source and destination filer were the same and after breaking the snapmirror relationship, I was presented with this message while attempting to release the snapmirror:

qesxnetapp1a> snapmirror release vps4_qam_vz  qesxnetapp1a:vps5_qam_vz
snapmirror release: vps4_qam_vz qesxnetapp1a:vps5_qam_vz: No release-able destination found that matches those parameters.  Use 'snapmirror destinations' to see a list of release-able destinations.

snapmirror status still revealed a relationship, though in the past the release command removed the orphaned relationship despite the message.  Perhaps things wouldn't clean up since the source and destination filer were the same.  I'm not really sure...  In order to clean things up, I ended up removing the Base Snapshot which did the trick:

qesxnetapp1a> snapmirror status -l vps5_qam_vz
Snapmirror is on.

Source:                 qesxnetapp1a:vps4_qam_vz
Destination:            qesxnetapp1a:vps5_qam_vz
Status:                 Idle
Progress:               -
State:                  Broken-off
Lag:                    5132:49:02
Mirror Timestamp:       Fri Mar 16 15:02:00 EST 2012
Base Snapshot:          qesxnetapp1a(0118052205)_vps5_qam_vz.1
Current Transfer Type:  -
Current Transfer Error: -
Contents:               Replica
Last Transfer Type:     Initialize
Last Transfer Size:     32651340 KB
Last Transfer Duration: 00:28:59
Last Transfer From:     qesxnetapp1a:vps4_qam_vz
qesxnetapp1a> snap delete vps5_qam_vz qesxnetapp1a(0118052205)_vps5_qam_vz.1
Tue Oct 16 11:51:51 EST [qesxnetapp1a: wafl.snap.delete:info]: Snapshot copy qesxnetapp1a(0118052205)_vps5_qam_vz.1 on volume vps5_qam_vz NetApp was deleted by the Data ONTAP function snapcmd_delete. The unique ID for this Snapshot copy is (2, 1180108).
qesxnetapp1a> snapmirror status -l vps5_qam_vz                              
Snapmirror is on.

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Nigel | 23 Mar, 2014 01:18 PM
Quality! I asked our support partner who told me I was stuck with the broken off mirrrors as they don't appear in the snapmirror.conf. How wrong they were! I love snapmirror status -l

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