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How to find dead links and delete them

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by: Reese K.
Posted: 08 Nov, 2012
Last updated: 08 Nov, 2012
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Sometimes, after performing VPS migrations, the soft links in /etc/vz/conf may not be removed.  Over time, the dead links may build up and cause many 'No such file or directory' messages when trying to look for common settings amonst all conf files (ie cat /etc/vz/conf/*.conf  | grep whatever).

Quick easy way to delete these dead links:

~# cd /etc/vz/conf

~# for f in `find . -type l ! -exec test -r {} \; -print`; do rm -f $f; done

One liner:

~# find -L -type l -exec rm -f {} \;

* Please test before issuing these commands on production systems!!

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