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What is VE_TYPE variable in CTID.conf?

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by: Reese K.
Posted: 19 Nov, 2012
Last updated: 19 Nov, 2012
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What is the VE_TYPE variable in CTID.conf?

VE_TYPE defines the state of the container.  It is an internal variable that is managed by Power Panel.  In the Mangement dashboard of PP, there is an option to "repair" the container should it be inoperable.  Refer to the Repair Mode section of PP for further detail.  Utilizing this feature will mark the container's status [the VE_TYPE parameter] in CTID.conf to a "repair" value.  Once the repair is finished (initiated by the end user), the container's status will be marked as "regular" or perhaps even left blank.

This has proven to cause issues with running automatic tasks via a provisioning system, and therefore, whenever I encounter these, I delete them from the CTID.conf file:

[root@hw ~]# sed -i '/^VE_TYPE/d' `readlink -f /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/VEID.conf`

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