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Most downloaded
file TeraData Install Guide for Linux.pdf
Install Guide for Teradata Tools and Utilities for Red Hat Enterprise Linux
The TTU 12.0 and 13.x packages for Linux work on either RedHat or SuSE, so even though they are labeled as specific to one or the other, each works on both. knowledge article KAP1B923E
20 Mar, 2013 Filesize: 2.94 mb Downloads: 7561
file jet_userguide.pdf
SUNWjet User Guide
22 Jan, 2012 Filesize: 253 kb Downloads: 1142
file BladeCenter MM User Guide.pdf
IBM BladeCenter Management Module User's Guide
Contains information about configuring the management module and managing components that are installed in an IBM BladeCenter unit
22 Jan, 2012 Filesize: 5.25 mb Downloads: 1088
file freshclam.txt
freshclam config file
Configuration file for freshclam. Default install location /usr/local/etc
17 Jan, 2013 Filesize: 8 kb Downloads: 1086
file clamd.txt
clamav configuration file
Configuration file for clamav. Default install location /usr/local/etc
17 Jan, 2013 Filesize: 15 kb Downloads: 1059
Recent files
file rabbitmq-server.init
RabbitMQ init script for custom RPM
start / stop / status RabbitMQ /etc/init.d/ script
02 Mar, 2015 Filesize: 4 kb Downloads: 420
file rabbitmq-server-3.3.3.spec
RabbitMQ spec file for custom RPM
RabbitMQ spec file to create custom RPM package to allow non-root user administration of the app
24 Jun, 2014 Filesize: 3 kb Downloads: 329
file tls.conf
rsyslog tls.conf include
This is an include file created for rsyslog to be stored in /etc/rsyslog.d
20 Mar, 2014 Filesize: 831 b Downloads: 282
file rsyslog.conf
rsyslog.conf example
cleaned up version of /etc/rsyslog.conf modified from v7.4.9
19 Mar, 2014 Filesize: 1 kb Downloads: 306
rsyslog-7.4.9 src and devel rpms
19 Mar, 2014 Filesize: 2.87 mb Downloads: 100